Troubleyn | Jan Fabre


A production by and with Gustav Koenigs and Jacob Suske.
Preview at Troubleyn/Laboratorium : Sunday 30 May 2021.

Gustav Koenigs and Jacob Suske, a German performer and an Austrian musician, set out to find traces that their ancestors left in their adopted homeland Belgium. Through this unfolding and unravelling of the past and the now, they come across wounded landscapes, a dysfunctional political system, active denial or contemporary glorification of the once so hated enemy; as well as the current rise of nationalist parties flirting with fascism, and the much more interwoven and socially wide accepted structure the notion fascism takes on today. 
Are we really there again? Haven’t we learned from the catastrophe of two world wars at the beginning of the last century?  
How did we all end up in this lethal trap? What role played the construction of masculinity? Who invented these schemes of violent bodies and toxic masculinity? Heroism, militarism, futurism, capitalism, nationalism and patriarchy: all aspects that they both want to investigate on. Physically and mentally, supported by an archive of literature, history, and their personal weapon of choice: the arts. How radical may and must art be to hit its target. Koenigs and Suske want to take the audience on an audio/visual journey through mankind formed by men that seem to have lost kindness. Through historical facts, personal reflections and humour, this performance wants to provoke a collective negotiation around the question of our roles today, the identity attributed to our gender and the power or submission that is connected to that. This project becomes a possibility to appeal to a nonsingular narrative of our his/her story, how it shaped us until now and what it would mean to rewrite its heritage for the yet to come. 

Gustav Koenigs (*1983) studied acting in Salzburg and has worked in several German and Austrian Theaters (Berlin, Graz, Wien). Since 2013 he is a member of Troubleyn/Jan Fabre having participated in several performances such as Tragedy of a friendship (2013), Mount Olympus (2015) and Belgian Rules/Belgium Rules (2017). Koenigs is also a member of the Jan Fabre Teaching Group.

Jacob Suske is an Austrian musician, composer, director and dramaturg living in Antwerp.
In his previous life, he used to be an ambitious bass player, but after realizing that playing jazz music actually needs practice, he participated in electro-punk bands as well as in glossy pop projects. But none of it captivated him as much as writing music for theatre stages. So he ended up working for theatres spread across german speaking Europe, such as Schaubühne Berlin, Burgtheater Wien, Volksbühne Berlin, Schauspiel Köln, Thalia Theater Hamburg and many more. From 2015 to 2018 Jacob was part of the artistic leading team of Schauspielhaus Wien. Furthermore, he´s running his solo project Zachov and the twosome directing team Tuschy/Suske.

Schtzngrmm is the first collaboration between Koenigs and Suske.