Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

Annabelle Chambon

Annabelle Chambon is a French performer. She got in 1997 the Diplôme National d’Etudes Supérieurs Chorégraphiques at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon (France).

Three years later, she joined the Troubleyn / Jan Fabre company for As Long As the World Needs a Warrior’s Soul. She then performed in Les Guerriers de la beauté (a film by Pierre Coulibeuf, 2001), Je suis sang (2001/2003/2005), Parrots and guinea pigs (replacement-2003), Tannhäuser (2004), The Crying Body (2004), History of Tears (2005), Orgy of tolerance (2008), Prometheus Landscape II (2011), and the succesful solo Preparatio Mortis (2005/2010), which is still touring. Annabelle Chambon is also part of Jan Fabre’s 24-hour project, Mount Olympus (2015).

Besides her work with Fabre she founded the Label Cedana, together with Cédric Charron and performed with Coraline Lamaison (Ex/stase, 2010; Narcisses 2.0, 2012), Kris Verdonck (I/II/III/IIII, 2008), Thierry de Mey (Ma mère l’oye, 2004) and others.