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PEAK MYTIKAS (On the top of Mount Olympus)

NEW 2024 PERFORMANCE DATES ANNOUNCED at the Troubleyn Laboratorium, Antwerp!
Saturday 2 & 9 March 2024 (14:00 - 22:00)

Eleven multi-talented performers (actors, dancers, and musicians) will join Jan Fabre in the creation of this 8-hour-long mythological rave.


Open for actors, dancers and performers... New dates announced in May (...)


The monologue details ’Simona the Stylite’ and her criminal plan to restore the healing and spiritual power of beauty.

Friday 1 December (20:00 - 21:00)
Belgian PremièreSimona, the gangster of art, features a female saint, a protagonist who is on a mission to restore one of the most essential duties of humanity: to fight for the power of beauty.
Resurrexit Cassandra. With Stella Höttler.

The mesmerizing solo performance, performed by Stella Höttler, conceived and directed by Jan Fabre, based on a text by Ruggero Cappuccio, original music composed by Arthur Lavandier.

Elle etait et elle est, meme. with Els Deceukelier

She was and she is, even is inspired by Duchamp’s artwork, The bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even (The Large Glass). Els Deceukelier plays a seductive bride situated in the twilight zone between reality and imagination...

MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV in 'Not Once'. © Phil Griffin

For the past four years, iconic Belgian artist Jan Fabre and legendary performer Mikhail Baryshnikov have worked together on their first collaboration. British artist Phil Griffin joined them as a co-director of the film Not Once. (...)

© Stas Levshin
The Night Writer - Russia

Jan Fabre created for the Bolshoi Drama Theater in Saint Petersburg an intimate version of The Night Writer. Fabre's first repertoire play in Russia is alternately played by two talented actors: Andrej Feskov and Alexander Molochinikov (...)


Jan Fabre Teaching Group

"The contemporary performer unites performance, theatre, and dance. Fabre always looks for physical impulses in and on the bodies of his performers and stimulates them to act on stage on the basis of those ‘real’ physical sensations." (...)

The great European stage directors, from Stanislavksi to Fabre

The prestigious British publishing house Bloomsbury Publishing UK(Methuen Drama) recently launched 8 volumes "The great European stage directors, from Stanislavksi to Fabre"! Volume #8 is about Pina Bausch, Romeo Castellucci and Jan Fabre. For sale online (...)

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