Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

Gustav Koenigs

Gustav Koenigs is a German Performer born in 1983. After studying classical theatre acting in Salzburg (Austria) he became a fixed company member of Schauspielhaus Graz for almost four years.

In 2013 he joined Troubleyn/Jan Fabre and was part of performances such as Tragedy of a Friendship (2013), the 24-hour project Mount Olympus (2015) and Belgium Rules/ Belgian Rules (2017) which toured internationally for many years. Additionally, he has also been involved in productions at Théâtre National (Brussels) and TG Stan/Scarlet Tummers.

He also became a member of the Jan Fabre Teaching Group assisting and teaching classes in Antwerp, Brussels, Moscow, Lille and Vienna (Impuls Tanz). Gustav Koenigs is now permanently based in Antwerp/Belgium.