Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

Ivana Jozic

Ivana Jozic is a dancer and actress, born in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied dance at the School for Classical Ballet in Zagreb and London Contemporary Dance School, and acting in Drama Studio London.

She started to work with Jan Fabre in 2003 for the production Je suis sang (2003). Later she continued with other productions: Tannhäuser (2004), The Crying Body (2004),  Histoire des Larmes (2005), Requiem for Metamorphosis (2007), Orgy of Tolerance (2009) and Prometheus Landscape II (2011). She toured for 4 years with Fabre’s solo Angel of Death, a worldwide succes which won the Golden Laurel Wreath at the MESS International Theatre Festival, honoring the best overall performance. In 2008, Fabre had written and created another solo for her: Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day. Ivana was also part of Jan Fabre’s 24-hour project 'Mount Olympus. To glorify the cult of tragedy' (2015) and is currently performing in the latest Troubleyn/ Jan Fabre production Peak Mytikas (On the top of Mount Olympus) - An 8-hour production (2023).

Since its inception, she has been a part of the Jan Fabre Teaching Group, training new generations of performers.

As an actress, Ivana Jozic appeared in Chantal Akerman’s movie-installation Women from Antwerp in November (2007) and in Pierre Coulibeuf’s Doctor Fabre will cure you (2013).