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Masterclass Theodoros Terzopoulos

(info only in english)

a masterclass by Theodoros Terzopoulos

Troubleyn/Laboratorium, Antwerp
from MONDAY 20 till and including SUNDAY 26 NOVEMBER 2017
min. 5 hours / day - 10.30 am > 3.30 pm

In January 2016, we invited Theodoros Terzopoulos for a first masterclass. The participants gave us very postive feedback on that occasion: for this reason we invited the master again for a second session, open to all !

This masterclass is an extensive introduction to the renowned and influential method of the Greek director Theodoros Terzopoulos, which is being taught in international drama academies, drama schools and universities, and has inspired actors all over the world.

The performers undertake an intense psychophysical training based on breath control, which aims to replace the human body in the centre of theatrical creation.

Master Terzopoulos will be assisted by Savvas Stroumpos.

The basic elements of the method will be introduced during the workshop:
• cultivation of the diaphragmatic breath;
• techniques of in-body concentration;
• awareness and activation of the corporal axes and body centre;
• liberation of sound-voice resonators;
• emancipation of the voice;
• expansion of physical and psychological stamina;
• rhythmic interpretation of a text (ancient Greek tragedy and classic texts).


The process of rehearsal in Attis Theatre is not the performance of a dramatic concept; it is an adventure on a journey to the landscape of memory, a search for the lost keys of unity between body and speech, the word as a natural unity.     (Heiner Müller, Berlin, 1987)


Useful links:
> about Theodoros Terzopoulos and Attis theatre
> about the masterclass (youtube)
> about the method (pdf)


Candidates (actors, dancers, performers, directors...) can send their compact CV (with photo) by mail to and this before Thursday 16th November 2017. A selection of the candidates will be made in agreement with the teachers as soon as possible.

> the masterclass will take place with a limited number of participants
> the participation fee has been set on 300€ and includes a light lunch + drinks
> The masterclass will take place @ Troubleyn/Laboratorium, Pastorijstraat 23, 2060 Antwerp, Belgium
> selected candidates will receive detailled information regarding the payment as well as other practicalities.
> the workshop will take place in English

photo © Tadashi Suzuki