Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

Matteo Sedda

Matteo Sedda is a Sardinian choreographer and performer. He graduated at DanceHaus, Academy of contemporary dance and performance in Milan (IT). He worked and still collaborates as a dancer and choreographer for different artists such as Enzo Cosimi, Aïda Gabriëls, Igor x Moreno.

He started to work with Jan Fabre’ with the 24-hour project 'Mount Olympus. To glorify the cult of tragedy (2014). Matteo went on to perform in other Troubleyn productions such as the specially created full-length solo performance The Generosity of Dorcas (2018) and more recently he has performed in ‘The Fluid Force of Love’ (2021).

Since 2018, he has been an artist-activist against HIV/AIDS. In connection with his status as a person living with HIV, he channels his experiences into highly researched choreographic exploration driven by a compelling physical presence. His work pays homage to the dead artists of GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency) by establishing a contemporary dialogue with the past but also uses the/his infected body as a tool for observing society.

Alongside performing Matteo is part of the Jan Fabre Teaching Group, training new generations of performers.