Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

The Night Writer - Croatia | NOCNI PISAC

with Senka Bulic

Exploring and liberating the body is a sacred duty. In theatre and visual arts.
My Catechism:
Art is the father.
Beauty is the son.
And Freedom the spirit

- Jan Fabre | The Night Writer

The Night Writer is a visionary and disarming hymn to the subversive and intriguing artist Jan Fabre. His personal diaries feed into an intimate and provocative autobiography, performed on stage by the actor Senka Bulic.

It’s a journey in strong colours, from the artist’s youth to today. The audience will be engulfed in a flow of thoughts connecting day-time activities, bubbling with irresistible ideas and ambitious projects, and night-time existence, when creativity merges with fury and reflections on life, love and sex speak of the visceral energy of the body.

The text includes several pages of Fabre's personal journals and excerpts from Fabre's theatre text: The Reincarnation of God, I Am A Mistake, The Emperor of loss, The King of Plagiarism, Body, Body on the Wall, I Am Blood, History of Tears and Drugs Kept Me Alive.

"To read the diary is to discover the multiple, contradictory and intriguing sides of Jan Fabre, who reveals himself to be sometimes visionary, sometimes disarming and cunning, sometimes prickly and touching, provocative and hesitant, subversive and proud of his Flemish figurative tradition. (...) And then there is a clear and significant discrepancy between the artist's life by day, rich in impressions, sensations, work, performances, exhibitions, projects and his life by night, possibly even more intense - intimate, wrenching, overwhelming, full of creative rage, sometimes meditative, sometimes 'sanguine'. The confirmation of boundless curiosity and of inexhaustible energy, which in these pages revolves around the role of the body, a body that is both spiritual and material, cultural and visceral, a place of thoughts but also of blood, urine, sperm, core of the eternal flow of birth-death-rebirth. (...) A portrait, deep red and captivating." - Franco Paris

About Senka Bulic

Croatian actress Senka Bulic graduated in acting from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. She started her career at the Croatian National Theatre in Split. She spent a long period working as a freelancer, working with directors such as Vito Taufer, Janusz Kica, Jean Michel Bruyère, Paolo Magelli, Dalibor Matanic, Ivica Buljan, Eduard Miler …in theatres in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Hungary and France. She also played in films The Price of Life, Pont Neuf, How the War Started on My Island and The Priest’s children, Svinjari and Exorcism. Senka Bulic is the founder and artistic manager of Hotel Bulic Theatre. She is also well respected as a theatre director (Evasion, Splendid's, Crime on Goat Island, Evita, To be Done with the Judgement of God Part One, Requiem for Organs, Lampedusa Beach, Nora A Doll’s House, Hedda Gabler, Oedipus, Edward II… ) and has participated in many international theatre festivals with her work. She founded and developed the Scena Gorica theatre, was the director of the Split Summer Festival drama program in 2011 - 2012.

CO-PRODUCTION Kazaliste Marina Drzica (Dubrovnik)
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Concept, direction, scenography Jan Fabre
Performer Senka Bulic
Music Stef Kamil Carlens
Dramaturgy Miet Martens
Scenography, sound & lighting collaborators Irena Kraljic and Luka Cucevic
Photography/video trailer Miran Brautovic

Production Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Antwerp, BE) & Kazaliste Marina Drzica (Dubrovnik)

Troubleyn/Jan Fabre receives funding from the Flemish government and support from the City of Antwerp



04/06/2021 Première
05/06/2021 KAZALISTE MARINA DRZICA, Dubrovnik
09/06/2021 KAZALISTE MARINA DRZICA, Dubrovnik
10/06/2021 KAZALISTE MARINA DRZICA, Dubrovnik
11/06/2021 KAZALISTE MARINA DRZICA, Dubrovnik
12/06/2021 KAZALISTE MARINA DRZICA, Dubrovnik