Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

The Power of Theatrical Madness

Re-enactement creation 1984

In 1984 The power of theatrical madness meant the definitive international breakthrough for Jan Fabre. Almost 30 years later Fabre reconstructs his 4.5 hour lasting theater marathon scène by scène, movement by movement with a younger generation of performers.

Speed is the spirit of this age and new media makes today’s performance, if possible, even more radical than it was before. “Nowadays we have a different relationship with the physical body and our sense of time has changed” says Jan Fabre. “Because of that, the performance has become even more substantive, more essential.”  


direction Jan Fabre music Wim Mertens (published by Usura) constumes Pol Engels, Jan Fabre assistant director Miet Martens, Renée Copraij

​ performers Maria Dafneros, Piet Defrancq, Melissa Guerin, Nelle Hens, Sven Jakir, Carlijn Koppelmans, Georgios Kotsifakis, Dennis Makris, Lisa May, Giulia Perelli, Gilles Polet, Pietro Quadrino, Merel Severs, Nicolas Simeha, Kasper Vandenberghe

realisation of the costumes Katarzyna Mielczarek technical crew Thomas Vermaercke, Geert Vanderauwera production manager Helmut Van Den Meersschaut production manager 2012 Thomas Wendelen

coaching Hans Peter Janssens (chant), Tango Argentino (Marisa Van Andel & Oliver Koch) (tango)

interns Giulio Boato (dramaturgy) (Universiteit Bologna), Yorrith Debakker (performer) (Artesis Hogeschool, Antwerpen), Zafiria Dimitropoulou (performer) (Karolos Koun Art Theatre School, Athene)

production re-enactment 2012 Troubleyn/Jan Fabre (Antwerpen) in co-production with DeSingel (Antwerpen, Be), Romaeuropa Festival (Rome) première 18.07.2012, Burgtheater, Impulstanz Festival, Vienna  



12/01/2016 STADSSCHOUWBURG, Amsterdam
16/03/2016 Maastricht