Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

To Embrace Nature

(We are not at war with nature)

If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you! The dancers of the Troubleyn/Jan Fabre needed their own creative challenge. Jan Fabre gave them the philosophical thought TO EMBRACE NATURE (We are Not at War with Nature) for improvisation. The dancers sent us short one-minute movies, little edgy diamonds of movement, danced messages of hope, beauty or consolation.


IRENE URCIUOLI travels into the woods, where joy glitters on every branch - to appreciate the beauty of winter, to embrace the cold.
About the Artist: Italian actress Irene Urciuoli joined the company Troubleyn/Jan Fabre in 2018 with the performance Belgian rules/Belgium rules and Mount Olympus – To glorify the cult of tragedy. Irene will also be on stage in Fabre’s upcoming creation The fluid force of love.

CONOR DOHERTY breathes the cool sweet air of winter, holding every deep breath as a beautiful refusal to a fleeting moment before the exhale comes.
About the artist: Irish performer Conor Doherty trained as a dancer in the Netherlands, joining Troubleyn/Jan Fabre in 2016. Performances include Mount Olympus - To glorify the cult of tragedy and Belgian rules/ Belgium rules. Conor also works with international theatre and dance companies such as Angelica Liddell, United Cowboys and Irish Modern Dance Theatre. Conor will also be on stage in Fabre’s upcoming creation The fluid force of love.

ANTONY RIZZI. Under a hazy hue of winter, Antony Rizzi celebrates his passion for nature and dance. Love and snow, adorning everything it touches. Filmed by Alessandro Costagliola .
About the artist: Since 1993, dancer and performer, Antony Rizzi has regularly performed in Troubleyn/Jan Fabre projects, notably in a specially created solo work created with Fabre Drugs kept me alive (2013). From 1985-2004 Rizzi was an artistic advisor and dancer at William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt, performing in major works such as Limbs Theorum and Kammer/Kammer. He has also worked with Robert Wilson, Marina Abramovic and Ryuichi Sakamoto and he creates works with his own company ‘Tony Rizzi and The Bad Habits’. At present, Rizzi is working on a book of photographs from his early years at Ballet Frankfurt, along with his memoirs titled 'So far, so good’. 

STELLA HÖTTLER. Leaving shadows behind, Stella Höttler dances in a light dappled cave to the first notes (and hope) of spring.
About the artist: Stella Höttler studied classical ballet at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim, Germany, where she was granted with a scholarship by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. After her studies, she joined Troubleyn/Jan Fabre as a performer in Fabre's 24 hour performance Mount Olympus – To glorify the cult of tragedy (2015). Since then she has also performed in Belgian Rules/Belgium Rules (2017) and in a specially created solo work Resurrexit Cassandra (2019). 

SUNG IM HER dances a winter duet with duality: the energy of a dancer to the slow growth of a tree, the sound of gravel underfoot with a child’s laugh, the cool night air with a warm jumper.

ELISA LENZI. Treat every breath as an event in and of itself. Performer Elisa Lenzi embraces the source and treasure of life - air. 

GEORGINA TEUNISSEN presents her stopmotion film Pea-motion.
And go
and stop
and go and stop
and never stop.
About the artist: Georgina Teunissen performed in 2003 in Jan Fabre’s Je suis sang. She works as a dancer, pedagogue and choreographer for several companies such as Cie Cecilia, Kloppend Hert and TransfoCollect.

VITTORIA DEFERRARI SAPETTO rolls with a lot of energy and fun into 2021. Happy New Year!

CHIARA MONTEVERDE energizes herself with the crystal clear, crackling power of the waters of the Margone mountain river.
About the artist: Chiara Monteverde is an Italian dancer and performer. She was performing in Fabre's Belgium rules, Belgian rules (2018- 2019). She is a member of Artist Commons, a community of people based in Brussels who develop collaborations with artists coming from different backgrounds.

MATTEO SEDDA wakes up from his camouflage hiding place.
About the artist: Matteo Sedda, an Italian dancer/performer, is a member of Troubleyn/Jan Fabre since 2014 (Mount Olympus, The generosity of Dorcas). Together with his artistic companions Alessandra Ferreri and Joshua Woa he started Collectivo Vitamina. Currently, they are working on their third performance Never stop scrolling baby.

ELISA LENZI explores with her foot the rough structure of the bark of an olive tree.
About the artist: Elisa Lenzi performed in Silent Screams, Difficult Dreams (1992) and Da un’altra facia del tempo (1993). Afterwards, she chose a different path, working and performing with dolphins at Dolphinarium in Riccione. For 18 years she was the director and the creative force of the dance school Energia in Rìmini. 

PIET DEFRANCQdancer and performer at Troubleyn since 2012, performs a beautiful 'port de bras' in a pond in the forest. Filmed by Piet's companion Kasia Mielczarek, costume designer at Troubleyn since 2012. Notice the beauty of the Rorschach-effect!

CHRISTIAN BAKALOV tries to disappear in a sea of shells...  Christian is a Bulgarian performer connected to Troubleyn since 2007. As a freelance artist he presents his immersive art installations (Bright, Pure, Eternal) worldwide in museums and theaters.

SUNG IM HER dances a duet with a tree in a beautiful autumn setting in Seoul, South Korea. Sung Im is known as a multi-talented dance artist (dancer, actor, performer, choreographer). In 2006 and 2008 she performed the solo Quando l’uomo principale e una donna and the theater performance Je suis sang. In 2015 she choreographed NYMF, for which she received the ‘Critics Award for Dance Piece of the Year 2015 in Korea’. 

VITTORIA DEFERRARI SAPETTO feels deeply connected with the mediterranean sea in Genova, the area where she grew up. Vittoria travels around the world as a dancer and a choreographer. She is the artistic director of 'Artylogica' and 'Ki-contact', two dance techniques. She joined the Troubleyn Company in 2010 for the production Prometheus Landscape II. Danilo Guidarelli filmed Vittoria's improvisation.

TAMAS MORICZ discovered some magic in the woods around Frankfurt, Germany. Tamas is a Hungarian born dancer, teacher, choreographer most known for his decade long membership with William Forsythe’s Ballett Frankfurt. Apart from Forsythe’s oeuvre, he has performed in pieces by Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, Jan Fabre (Da un'altra faccia del tempo, 1993) and many more. 

LORE BORREMANS, dancer and performer at Troubleyn since 2014,  sends the following message: “Being vulnerable, that’s when nature and her beautiful creatures will embrace you.”

LARA MARTELLI reads a dance from a book cut out of stone, in the geological university garden in Bochum, Germany. 

PIET DEFRANCQ, dancer and performer at Troubleyn since 2012, dances a 'silly walk' in a tree... Filmed by Piet's companion Kasia Mielczarek, costume designer at Troubleyn since 2012.

CHRISTIAN BAKALOV, independent artist and performer at Troubleyn since 2007, draws fascinating shadows with the sun on his face and on different body parts. 

LORE BORREMANS is caressing the sun during a ritual dance in an enchanting forest in Le Var, France. The sound was provided by the famous 'cicadas', filmed by Gerd Vanzeebroeck. 

CHIARA MONTEVERDE  sends us Equilibre - Nature is about balance, trying to find joy in the smallest of actions, in unexpected places, to slow down, create and be present with what is in front of you.

LARA MARTELLI proposes us her film Festina Lente, a poetic encounter with a little miracle of nature.

ANNABEL REID, performer at Troubleyn since 2016, sends the message: "Our relation to nature feels upside down, we are completely destroying our environment. We need to change perspective." Filmed by Diana Vos.

CHRISTIAN BAKALOV, performer at Troubleyn since 2007, sends us the film Human. It expresses a deep longing for a distant past, when man and ocean were still one.

CONOR DOHERTY, company member of Troubleyn since 2016, tries to catch his breath.

STELLA HÖTTLER, company member of Troubleyn since 2014, surrenders to the natural water of a spring in the Swiss mountains.

MATTEO SEDDA, company member of Troubleyn since 2014, surrenders to the joy of speed.

LARA MARTELLI dances with the rain, a forgotten pleasure from her childhood.Lara performed in Parrots and Guinea Pigs (2002) and Tannhauser (2004). She now teaches Movement theory and Body Awareness at the Folkwang University in Germany.

CONOR DOHERTY, company member of Troubleyn since 2016, sends us the message: “Nature will always win, it is inevitable. Nature isn’t fighting, it is triumphant by default. Let us surrender and embrace.“.

IVANA JOZIC dived into the green. Directed and filmed by Masha Lucic (10 years).

SYLVIA CAMARDA sends us a blossoming love thought in full anticipation of the birth of her daughter.

STELLA HÖTTLER, companymember since 2014, sends us a dancing thought from a cave in the heart of Swiss. 

CEDRIC CHARRON and ANNABELLE CHAMBON follow the example —or maybe not— of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in To enjoy nature. To bed out.  See for yourself!

ANTONY RIZZI, companymember since 1993, got surprised by a thunderstorm in the south of Italy. He welcomed and celebrated the abundant rain.

CHIARA MONTEVERDE, company member since 2018, sent us a short sensual movie about her love and fascination for her houseplants, Plantophilia.
ANNABEL REID, company member since 2016, merged with the water of a lake to remember what it is we are made of...
ANNABELLE CHAMBON and CÉDRIC CHARRON, company members since 2000, sent us from Bordeaux a choreography with a tractor, a dog and two outstanding dancers, entitled: ENJOY NATURE sponsored by.
MATTEO SEDDA, company member since 2014, went to a Brussels park and he came back with a tender dancing thought.

IVANA JOZIC, company member since 2003 started on Sunday 24th of May.  Masha Lucic took care of the sound edit.