Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

To Embrace Nature

(We are not at war with nature)


If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you! The dancers of the Troubleyn/Jan Fabre needed their own creative challenge. Jan Fabre gave them the philosophical thought TO EMBRACE NATURE (We are Not at War with Nature) for improvisation. The dancers sent us short one-minute movies, little edgy diamonds of movement, danced messages of hope, beauty or consolation.

STELLA HÖTTLER, companymember since 2014, sends us a dancing thought from a cave in the heart of Swiss. 

CEDRIC CHARRON and ANNABELLE CHAMBON follow the example —or maybe not— of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in To enjoy nature. To bed out.  See for yourself!

ANTONY RIZZI, companymember since 1993, got surprised by a thunderstorm in the south of Italy. He welcomed and celebrated the abundant rain.

CHIARA MONTEVERDE, company member since 2018, sent us a short sensual movie about her love and fascination for her houseplants, Plantophilia.
ANNABEL REID, company member since 2016, merged with the water of a lake to remember what it is we are made of...
ANNABELLE CHAMBON and CÉDRIC CHARRON, company members since 2000, sent us from Bordeaux a choreography with a tractor, a dog and two outstanding dancers, entitled: ENJOY NATURE sponsored by.
MATTEO SEDDA, company member since 2014, went to a Brussels park and he came back with a tender dancing thought.

IVANA JOZIC, company member since 2003 started on Sunday 24th of May.  Masha Lucic took care of the sound edit.