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declaration Troubleyn
(à mettre à jour avec traduction française) 
The flow of reactions since the open letter of 12 September has turned our company upside down. We are sorry that people have felt hurt, misunderstood or not treated correctly within our company. We fully align with the call to guarantee a healthy working climate in the whole sector of the performing arts. The public debate started an internal discussion about what is and what is not possible, what limits we have to set and how we can jointly ensure a working environment where everyone can feel safe and respected.

In the meantime, we have started several concrete actions: group discussions, individual interviews, clear action points and deadlines. We have surrounded us with professional support of the external prevention service IDEWE and other organisations, to help us to go through this process at Troubleyn. All artists and employees are involved in this. A risk analysis is drawn up and everyone gets the chance to speak out. We cooperate fully with any further investigation. In addition, we invited the Institute for the equality of women and men and Engagement Arts to enter into a dialogue.

All this should lead to a renewed working of our company, because we believe in the future of Troubleyn, we believe in our artistic work and we believe in each other. The open letter was a call for change in the entire artistic sector. We want to make that change.

To handle the past events in a good way, we decided to postpone the next two performances of Belgian Rules, scheduled for 5 and 6 October in Martigues (FR), to a later date. In addition, Jan Fabre has decided to pass on the accompaniment of the performances Belgian Rules and Mount Olympus for the coming period to dramaturge Miet Martens.


Appel urgent à la presse

Par respect pour nos collaborateurs, Troubleyn demande EXPLICITEMENT aux membres de la presse (internationale) de NE PAS UTILISER des images/photos/vidéos sur lequelles figurent nos danseuses/danseurs de manière identifiable et ceci dans le cadre de commentaires quelconques sur la lettre ouverte, les accusations ou l'affaire #metoo/Jan Fabre.

Diario Nocturno

Le Journal de Nuit de Jan Fabre (1979-84 & '85-91), traduit en espagnol: disponible e.a. sur

Journal de Nuit traduit en serbe

Le 'Journal de Nuit' (1985-91) a été traduit en serbe et édité par Vulcan ed.

Jan Fabre, The Box
'The Box', 20 h de films

A l'occasion des 30 ans de Troubleyn, le coffret Jan Fabre se propose de faire revivre ou découvrir, 11 spectacles qu'il a mis en scène, 4 documentaires sur son œuvre plastique et 1 documentaire sur sa vie et son œuvre. Soit, plus de 20 heures de film. Le coffret est édité par la Compagnie des Indes et est disponible sur des sites comme Amazon et Cdiscount, ainsi que dans les distributeurs de DVD traditionnels comme Fnac.